Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Adventure Bucket List

The next chapter of my life is quickly approaching.  To most people, a year and a half sounds like a while but anyone who's worked in scientific research knows that it's quicker than you think. I'm a list person so I'd count this as an attempt to put some order to things I can control. This is the first version, of many I'm sure, in no particular order:
  • Learn to SCUBA dive
  • Learn to shoot good photos with manual settings
  • Visit NYC during the Christmas season
  • Visit the Grand Canyon
  • Visit the pyramids and Petra
  • Visit Manchu Pichu
  • Speak Spanish Fluently (Pass DELE Certification)
  • Visit the Far East
  • Learn at least one other language to proficiency
  • See the Big 5 on an African Safari
  • SCUBA dive in Australia, SE Asia, and Central America
  • Volunteer overseas
  • Visit all 50 US states
  • Live Overseas
  • Visit EVERY continent
My full bucket list is a computer file with over 200 items but I would consider these the heavy hitters; at least for now.

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