Jamaica - The trip that started it all
I'm a twenty-something graduate student pursuing my Ph.D. in biochemistry and biophysics, with special interest in applied science and medical devices. Life is currently dominated by finishing my degree, resisting the urge to throw my pipettes out the window, and feeding my travel addiction with weekend trips or planning grand adventures for the future.  I  caught the Travel Bug at a young age which has left me with the task of combining science and travel into a career.  In what little free time I have I like to cook, scrapbook, dress up in clothes I can't wear to lab, and attempt to catch up on sleep.  I'm one of those crazy morning people, although I hate actually getting out of bed.  Outside of the lab, I'm an aspiring polyglot and photographer who hopes to someday be able to do her own make-up.

Likes: food, photography, travel, languages, Boston Red Sox, ice hockey, boxing, earrings, shoes, horseback riding

Dislikes: cleaning, New York Yankees, traffic jams, long distance relationships, basketball, cold feet, migraines, freeze-dried coffee, waiting

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  1. Hi Julie,

    I’m a health & science writer with NBCNews[dot]com, and I’m currently working on a story about a new study that’s embargoed for Thursday morning on long distance relationships. I can’t get too into details about it, since the information is under embargo, but basically – it's good news for people in LDRs. :)

    I’m looking for a few people to feature in the story – hopefully a couple that is in a LDR now. I came across a blog post [http://twenty-somethingtravel.com/2013/02/how-to-survive-a-long-distance-relationship/], which you commented on – which took me to your blog, and to your email address – and I wondered if you are still in a long distance relationship, and if you are, if you’d like to chat with me for the story.

    Interested? Let me know, and we will work out the details. Email me at melissa[dot]dahl[at]nbcuni[dot]com