Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Have You Had Your Cherry Pie?

My last featured holiday tradition was from my father's side of the family.  Today I'm sharing one from my mother's side.  If you went to primary school in the United States you probably heard the fable of George Washington and the cherry tree.

As the story goes, when George Washington was a lad he chopped down his father's cherry tree with an ax.  When confronted about the incident young George said 'I cannot tell a lie. I chopped down the cherry tree.'

Somewhere along the line, my family started having cherry pie on George Washington's birthday.  Since I went away to college I haven't had my cherry pie or at best substituted with one of the cherry pies from Stewart's convenience shop.  Having invested in the equipment to make meat pie earlier this year, I figured cherry pie wouldn't be so difficult. Luckily this pie is pretty simple because I was sorting out some details of my upcoming spring break trip while I was baking.

I attempted my first solo lattice crust.  Free cutting parallel lines and rolling a uniform crust is still more difficult than I think it ought to be. There is definitely a level of finesse to weaving and sealing a lattice.  I think I managed to hide all of the cracks though. I was so nervous that the crust was going to come undone while it was baking.
Completed Lattice
Of course it wouldn't be on this blog if there wasn't some kind of twist.  The recipe I used called for switching the temperature of the oven part way through baking.  Somehow when I was changing over the temperature, I switched on the delayed bake timer and could not figure out how to switch it off.  As a result I had to bake the pie for an extra 15 mins to get the color right.  I can only hope that it didn't make the crust too tough.  I'm taking this pie into my very international lab tomorrow and share a little American culture with everyone.  Hopefully there's enough to go around.

Finished Product

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