Sunday, February 12, 2012

3 Steps to Long Hair: Phase 2

Phase Two took a much different shape than I was expecting.  5 months of growing out a pixie cut left me with a choppy, feathering mullet.  I was heading home for the weekend so I took a shot in the dark and called up my stylist from high school.  If anyone ever needs a haircut in Livingston County, look up Shear FX in Geneseo.  I walked into the shop after driving for 4 hours with no idea of what I wanted to look like.  I know my former phase 2 haircut wasn't going to work so I offered 3 specifications to whatever Laurie could think up.
  1. No more feathery mullet
  2. Include sweeping bangs
  3. A definite shape with some attitude
Laurie was asking me about how I style my hair now and we joked about the days when I had brightly colored hair and was known to spike it on occasion.  I felt a little bad for the mom sitting next to me with the wide-eyed tween listening to my coloring stories.

Colors from days of old: Crazy Grape and the Blazing Red highlights.
I ended up with a much more subdued hairstyle for phase 2 than the days of old.  I give Laurie major credit for this one. It's a little hard to see how much it's really grown since August but I'm so happy to actually have a 'look' again. I'm still debating keeping the bangs but for now they're nice.

Phase 1 (Left), Phase 2 (Right)

What do you think? Should I keep the bangs?


  1. My vote is to bring back the feathery mullet!

  2. Yes keep the bangs!