Friday, November 13, 2009

The not so bad side of high school

I was not a big fan of high school and still maintain that you would have to pay me a whole lot more that RPI tuition to relive those 4 years of my life. However, college has taught me that there are some not-so-bad parts of high school. What I'm missing the most right now is sick days. Mom says you're too sick for school = you are too sick for school. The end. Here if you don't go into the Health Center with a high enough fever, vomit while you're there, or produce a positive disease test result while you're there then good luck getting an excuse. I was out sick with a sinus infection complete with fever for the last couple with instructions to not go to class until I hadn't had a fever for 24 hours. I had a slight fever last night but I had a test this morning and the professor isn't the most forgiving guy to I figured I could muscle through it. During my exam this morning it was confirmed that my antibiotics are doing a great job killing the bacteria in my sinuses and also the bacteria in my intestines. This discovery sent me running a couple times before my TAs suggested that I finish my test later and go to the Health Center.

At the Health Center the doctor was nice enough but would only give me a note saying I was there and a paper with instructions for my symptoms instead of an official excuse. Now I'm waiting on pins and needles and waiting for my professor to tell me if, and how, I'll be able to finish my exam. Hopefully my "excuse" will be legit enough for him.

Happy Friday 13th everyone! Is it Thanksgiving break yet?!?

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