Thursday, April 5, 2012

Back Where I Come From: The List

I moved away from my small, more cows than people small, hometown in Western NY about 6 years ago for better or worse.  Since then I've learned that there are some things that are endemic to growing up in a rural county that don't translate to other demographics.  This is my take on the "you might be from Livingston County if" list.  Please comment any that I forgot!
  • Your Halloween Costume was made to go over a winter coat
  • You learned to drive a tractor before you could drive a car
  • Half the school was absent on Opening Day and know I'm not talking about baseball
  • You were absent from school due to "Buck Fever"
  • You've been to a party in a field
  • Said party was moved to a barn when it started to rain
  • GFR breakfast special, 'nough said
  • In high school, you hang out at Denny's, Walmart, or Wegmans because they're the only places open later than 9pm
  • Aunt Cookie's
  • Mia's $2 lunch special
  • You've seen a deer on the side of the road with the good meat cut out of it
  • You hit a deer and ask the sheriff for a tag
  • You know the whole police department and half the sheriff's office.
  • If you get pulled over 3 people will call your mom before you get home
  • Going into town = Marketplace mall
  • Going to the City = Rochester
  • Country Concerts at Darien Lake were the top social events of the summer
  • You went to Minnehan's for Senior Bash
  • You're upset if no one get's a deer because you'll have to buy meat that winter
  • You have at least one freezer specifically for venison and homegrown vegetables
  • The best paying summer job you could get was throwing hay
  • Going to the grocery store for your mom at Christmas doubles as a mini class reunion
  • You go away to school and find out that your family's property is larger than your roommate's neighborhood. 

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