Wednesday, July 18, 2012

When Life Give You Lemons...

2012 has been grating on my nerves since before 2011 officially ended. To the point that I actually wrote the wrong age on my brother's birthday card because I was so focused on 2013.  Recently, I was talking to a friend who's in Germany trying to finish up his Ph.D. on about the same timeline as myself.  After adequately commiserating the old adage "When life give you lemons," popped up.  The proper ending is "make lemonade," but that didn't seem like enough of a pie in the face for Life the bully.  After some deliberation I decided that lemon meringue pie might be a suitable response.   Even while I was making this pie, I got a couple lemons; the crust wasn't coming together right, the meringue wasn't setting, and then it wouldn't seal.  I caught the pie just before it burned so it came out nice and toasted.  Hopefully everyone at lab is hungry tomorrow!

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