Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Caught in the Rain at Cozumel

The thing that made the biggest impression on my first four days in Mexico was the rain.  Unbeknownst to me, Hurricane Barbara had hit the Pacific Coast of Mexico several days earlier and was slowly pulverizing Chiapas and the Yucatan with days of rain.  Never in all of my planning had I taken into account days of rain.

Arriving in Stormy Mexico
The island of Cozumel does not have the best drainage system. The locals said it's because the city grew too quickly to deal with everything properly.  As a result the streets flood like mad!  Every morning I waded to wherever I needed to go.  The first morning I was convinced my advanced water class would be cancelled because the water had come up over the sidewalk in front of my hostel.  Nope. The entrance to the resort where the class was being held resembled a kiddie pool but we were still going to complete two dives. 

Entrance to the resort

The next day morning I was woken by thunderstorms again.  This time I didn't question if the dive was going to happen or not.  I just braced myself for a rainy bouncy ride to the dive site.  That afternoon, the skies cleared for a few hours and the sun came out.  I contemplated sticking around for an extra day so I could actually enjoy Cozumel in the sun. 

Storm drain fail

The morning of the third day, thunder rang out at 7am and I know I would be on the 10am ferry off the island.  I went two hours down the coast to Tulum.  There's still a significant chance of thunderstorms here but at least there's a sun peaking out behind the weather icon.

Main Avenue to the Ferry dock
Have you ever called it quits on a place because of the weather?

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