Monday, April 13, 2009

Minitrip: Sacile

Sacile is a small town north of Venice where my friend Andy lives. There's a direct train from Sacile to Venice and Andy was kind enough to let me stay with him so I didn't have to pay for one of the crazy expensive hostels in Venice. I took a train from Florence to Venice and then decided to go to Sacile and hang out there for the rest of the day since I was pretty tired from all of my adventures up until then.

It was a beautiful sunny day so I spent a couple hours walking around the town. One of the travel websites I use called Sacile "Little Venice" because of the canals that crisscross its centro. One of the things the site didn't mention is that you can see the Dolomite mountains from the streets. The centro is made up of shops surrounding a central piazza. The town church is also referred to as a Duomo but it doesn't quite compare to the size of the Duomo in Florence. It was beautifully situated right next to one of the canals though. I found a footbridge where I could see the canal, town, and mountains and tried to get a picture to due the view justice. Unfortunately I got about half dozen people's TV antennas in the shot which definitely compromises the picture.

If I wasn't obligated to go back to Uni. Sussex and then RPI, I probably would have set up camp right there in Sacile. I even found a couple of places for sale or rent. It was such a beautiful town and everyone I met was really friendly. It was exactly what I was expecting for a small Italian town.

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