Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Intro to NYS Wine Country: Cayuga Wine Trail

On my way home from Ithaca, I had to drive from the southern tip of Cayuga Lake to the north end in order to hop on I-90. It a beautiful day out and I'd never been to any of the Finger Lakes wineries so I took the more scenic route along the Cayuga Wine Trail.  Before I reached the wineries I stopped off at Taughannock Falls.  Pictures of this waterfall are all over brochures for attractions in the area and I was driving right passed it so after nearly hitting a couple of deer I stopped off for a breather and some scenery.  Looking up at a waterfall in excess of 200ft tall is awe-inspiring in it's own right.  Add in the fact that you're at the bottom of a 500ft chasm that dwarfs not only you but the waterfall and you're reminded pretty quickly of how big the world is.

Taughannock Falls
After a few pictures, I was ready for a different kind of scenery involving bunches of grapes.  I think I passed a sign for a different vineyard or winery every other mile before settling on two neighboring lake-front wineries. Both Cayuga Ridge Estate Winery and Thirsty Owl Winery boast many award-winning white wines and picturesque locations.  Going to a winery to do wine tasting is definitely the best deal. Two dollars buys you 5 samples of wine off of a description sheet. At Thirsty Owl, they gave you the two dollars back in the form of a coupon.  Wandering the shade of rows of grapes between vineyards and looking out to the lake I can understand why wine tours are so popular.  The wine doesn't hurt the cause either. I will definitely be exploring more of NYS wine country.  Anybody want to come with me?

Cayuga Ridge tasting room

Ready for harvesting

Thirsty Owl wine room

View of Cayuga Lake

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