Monday, August 1, 2011

Beaudets in Chi-town

Over this past weekend I went on a whirlwind adventure in Chicago with the family.  The catalyst for the trip was a Red Sox vs. White Sox baseball game. It turned into an early morning flight on Saturday to wandering around Chi-town and the Field Museum to a baseball game to a bus tour and lunch at Navy Pier.  As always flying out of O'Hare was much more difficult than flying in to O’Hare.  I had so little trouble when I was flying around Europe that I probably shouldn't complain about my delays on domestic flights but it's still aggravating.  But the Red Sox won 10-2 and the Field Museum was amazing so the weekend was a success.  I think Mom even managed to get her Christmas card picture.

Sears Tower

Water Tower
Chicago Theater

They named a doll after me but they got the hair color wrong.

My American Girl doll
The Field Museum


The Tribune Building
The Bean

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