Thursday, August 11, 2011

Platter Masterpiece

Over the last year I've been frequenting The Pottery Place with several different friends.  You purchase an unglazed piece of pottery and paint it at the shop. When you're done the staff adds a final clear glaze and fires it.  You pick up the final product about a week later.  The Pottery Place offers technique classes on Thursday evening for an additional $5 fee.  Last week I went to the "bubble painting" class with my old roommate Grace.  You blow bubbles using a straw in a dish of paint mixed with water and dish soap.  When you have a solid mound of bubbles you transfer then to the piece you're painting.  I created the letters and designs by applying stickers before I painted and then removing them.  The best part was that I finally had a piece selected for the shop's online gallery I've had a couple friends that I introduced to the shop have pieces featured before but this is my first and I'm super excited.  It's definitely one of my favorite pieces.

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