Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day Across the Pond

Outside Detroit Airport
After ten hours of straight traveling I have finally arrived at the University of Sussex. I discovered that it is much harder to sleep on an airplane than on a train. Even though it wasn't very comfortable and I didn't get much sleep the flight was still okay. I got a window seat and the food was really good for airplane food....much better than the half-raw "Chicago" pizza I had at the airport before we left, and Kung Fu Panada was the in-flight movie. I took a train from Gatwick airport to the campus and, despite the rain, the country side was beautiful and really really green!

A lot of people are staying here for the Autumn term, but so far I haven't met anyone else who is staying for the year. I actually haven't met anyone in my class yet. There's only about six classes for the September term so someone around here must be in it. No one has heard much about their classes yet which is probably a good thing because things are crazy enough as it is. A herd of us were escorted to the grocery store "Sainsbury" with two orientation staff this afternoon. It was by far the most inferior grocery store I've been in yet. We were all struggling to find brand replacements for our former staples. Items like peanut butter and Ramen noodles are in short supply and I have serious concerns about how I'm going to find/make coffee to survive the year. It's a good thing we had people who knew what was going on because the town seems to have been built well before city planning and has only gotten crazier.

We have an orientation dinner tonight and then orientation begins in all its glory tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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