Friday, September 26, 2008

New Term and a New Room

Sussex in September in over! I handed in my final paper yesterday and I'm leaving tomorrow for a week of traveling. Before I could take off on my fabulous adventures I had to move all of my stuff from York House to East Slope. I was lucky enough to get my keys Thursday so I could take me time moving instead of rushing through it all today. The worst part about moving was that East Slope in at the top of a big slope. Moving is heavy business to start with and then uphill on top of it was even more straining. The upside is that when it's time for me to move out in June it's going to be all downhill. Which is really good because I'm probably going to accumulate even more stuff between now and then.

My new place is nice. I'm in a six-person suite but I'm the only one here right now. I don't know the names of any of my roommates but there's plenty of time to learn those. My room is narrower than my room in York House so it seems smaller than my other one did. I have full kitchen, dining, and two tiny bathrooms also. The shower barely has enough room to turn around or pick the shampoo up. The shower does have awesome water pressure which is generated by a very noisy small box on the wall.
I've decided that it must be part of England's conversation tactics-make the showers really uncomfortable so people don't stay in them very long and use less water.

I didn't realize how many animals lived around the campus. We met the seagulls on the very first day. Seagulls are really very ugly and dirty birds, and ours are vicious. I saw a seagull literally flew into a girl trying to eat a sandwich the other day. During the evening, it's like a reunion for the cast of 'The Fox and the Hound.' I've seen foxes and rabbits, and yesterday we saw a BADGER. I've never seen a badger before. It looked like it was as big as our pointers but it could have been bigger. It was much more solid than the dogs and moved almost like a bear. It was fine to watch it run away from us but if one ever started running towards me, I would be very scared.

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