Thursday, September 1, 2011

Evicting Irene

Along with everyone else in the Capital District, I thought I was done with Irene after Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately the worst of the damage to the Northeast was just starting.  Flooding has serenely damaged Southern Vermont and the surrounding town of the Mohawk and Hudson River valleys.  Thankfully, rivers have been receding since Tuesday morning across the Northeast.  It was strange seeing River St, the lowest street in downtown Troy, actually turn into a river.  Several of the people in my lab agreed that this was the first time that we were really appreciative to be living in high up on the hill in Troy.  River St has been above water since Tuesday afternoon and the restaurants are making a tremendous effort to have their establishments open as soon as possible.  I know Brown's Brewing Co. is aiming to open on Friday.  No word yet on when Dinosaur BBQ will reopen.

While we're busying ourselves with the beginning of the school year and worrying about when our favorite eaterys will open,  many people within 100 miles of Troy are having their groceries delivered via National Guard helicopter because the roads have been destroyed.  Thousands of people along the Eastern Seaboard still do not have electricity.  Most places in Troy had the power blink off for a few minutes at the worst.  By and large Trojan feelings toward Hurricane Irene were 'That was it?'  It's amazing how a few miles, or a large meters of riverbank can completely alter the way a natural disaster is perceived.  Overall people are determined to push every remnant of Irene out of their houses, lawns, and towns, and start rebuilding.

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