Monday, September 12, 2011

SD in Washington D.C. a.k.a. Blisters and sunburns

During our Labor vacation Dave and I went to Washington D.C. for the day.  My family lived outside of D.C. when I was very young so I've been the Mall more times than I can remember.  I always like going back to see the monuments and the Smithsonian. The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial had been unveiled the weekend before so we met up with two of my sorority sisters, Heidi and Jess, to go see it. I was psyched to see both of them especially since I hadn't since them since they graduated the year before. 

All three of us girls showed up in cute thong sandals to walk around the National Mall. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how far apart the monuments are.  Walking from the MLK memorial to the Jefferson Memorial we realized our feet were in trouble. 

Across from the Jefferson Memorial
 Walking back around to the Lincoln memorial I began wondering why I thought those sandals were so comfortable in the first place.  Aching feet and all, our crew hiked roughly SIX miles to see most of the classic sites of D.C. By the time we passed the White House and turned to Capitol Hill, the major source of motivation was dinner at La Tasca so we could soothe our blisters and darkening sunburns with tapas and sangria. 

SD at the Capitol*
Me and Dave*

Much happier after dinner*
It's been over a week since this trek, and my feet and the back of my neck are finally recovering.  I definitely will not be going to D.C. without sneakers and sunscreen anytime soon.

* These pictures are from Heidi. I really like the one she took of me and Dave.

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