Friday, November 28, 2008


SIS people at Thanksgiving dinner

My dinner table/Pub trivia team

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
So yesterday was Turkey Day, and the first major holiday I've ever spent away from my family. I was slightly apprehensive of the idea to say the least but the transatlantic plane ride and no time off left me little choice in the matter. I decided to go to the International office's catered Thanksgiving dinner rather than try to cook my own after getting out of lab at 5 pm. I was pleasantly surprised to see about a dozen kids from the Sussex in September program when I arrived. I was so happy that I would at least be sitting and eating with people I knew before sitting down at the table.

The food couldn't compare with the feast I usually cook with my grandma but it was still pretty good. I was disappointed that we didn't have pumpkin pie. They served Pecan pie instead. One of the girls was telling me the only place they could find canned pumpkin to make a pie was in the exotic foods section of Whole Foods in London. I never would have thought of pumpkin as an exotic food before.

After dinner, they had a trivia contest. Lucky for us most of the trivia was about American movies, music, and history, otherwise we would have done horribly. As it was we did really poorly on the music section. We did manage to identify 20 presidents from pictures. I was really impressed by how well we did on that one. In the end, my team had the highest score so we each got a box of Lindt truffles. It was a lot of fun. I'm so glad I was able to spend time sitting around the table with friends. Coming from a family that lives 'round the kitchen table, I was really starting to miss that part of my life and was dreading spending most of Thanksgiving night in my room trying to do homework. Luckily that wasn't the scenario that played out and I had a very different but still enjoyable Thanksgiving.

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