Monday, December 8, 2008

A day in London...with my dad

This past Saturday my dad came to visit me on his way back from a business trip in Italy. Even though this trip isn't the longest I've been away from home, it certainly is the farthest which somehow makes it feel longer. Needless to say I was very excited to hear I would get to see him for the day.

We decided to meet at the train station in Brighton. The station is pretty small compared to some of the other stations in the UK and yet we still managed to walk passed each other twice before actually seeing each other. We grabbed breakfast at this little cafe in Brighton before heading back to Sussex Uni. In some sense, I'm lucky to live on the opposite side of campus as the station so I was able to show my dad almost all of it before we reached my front door. Dad was able to see my room in all its glory. He said that it looked a lot bigger in real life than on the webcam which I suppose is a good thing.

After a brief tour of campus, we went into London to see the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree and the West End Christmas lights. The Christmas tree was huge! A website said it was 20 meters tall, I think it was even taller than that. The tree is a gift from Norway and has been given to England every year since the end of WWII. We wandered around to see Westminster and Parliament, and then went to Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus to look at the Christmas lights. Little did I know that the West End was having some sort of massive shopping event that Saturday. So the roads were closed which was nice, but they were FILLED with people. We were walking in the middle of the street and still getting elbowed by people from time to time. We also went to Harrods department store which was completely overwhelming for me. We went in on the luxury floor which was probably the start of it. We took the tube over to Green Park and ate dinner at the absolutely amazing Italian place called Alloro. I had risotto with baby artichokes and smoke cheese. It was probably the best meal I've had in a very long time. I had tiramisu for dessert which was also good. I accidentally ate all the biscotti while Dad was taking care of the bill. Whoops! We took a black cab back to London Victoria to get out train back to Brighton. London via cab is a lot prettier than London via tube, especially during holiday shopping season.

I am still so happy I was able to see my dad, even if it was only for a day, and I can't wait till I have the chance to see the rest of the family.

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