Sunday, December 14, 2008

Celebrating the end of the Autumn term

Me and Peggy in Rottingdean

To celebrate the end of the term, Peggy came down to visit Brighton on Friday. She wanted to see some of the southern country before returning to Livingston County on Tuesday. We took the bus out to Rottingdean to see the chalk cliffs and the Rottingdean Imp. The chalk cliffs in Rottingdean are roughly the same as the White Cliffs of Dover, just less famous and much closer to Brighton. It was SOOOO windy on the shore. We walked down to the seafront and the wind was even strong than it was when we were on top of the cliffs. I had already been to Rottingdean with my folklore class so I showed Peggy so of the landmarks in town that we had stopped by including the Rottingdean Imp. We both made wishes but I'm not sure he heard them because of all the wind.

We went back into Brighton and walked around the Lanes and the North lanes for a while. We both got hot milkshakes at Shake-away. Peggy had never been there before so we had to stop by. I had never heard of a hot milkshake before but they were surprisingly good. I had hot apple pie, custard, and cinnamon, and Peggy had toffee cheesecake, oreo cookies, and marshmellows. So delicious. We wandered in and out of shops discussing things we would buy if we had the money and/or room in our suitcases. We did buy a couple of treats though. Peggy bought sour gummy worms and I bought some roasted chestnuts. As dusk settled in we went down towards the Brighton Pier. Once again the wind was brutal as we got close to the seafront. We spent a little time in the games room and spent a few pence on a couple different games. We started to walk out to where the rides are but thought better of it after about 20 seconds of being out in the wind again.

We went to Casa Della Pizza for dinner which is essentially a knock-off version of the Pizza Hut Buffet. The pizza was really very similar to Pizza Hut's buffet pizza. Now I know where to go if I ever get a craving for (not great) American-esque pizza. After dinner we took a bus back to Sussex Uni for some hot chocolate. I also showed Peggy some of my photos from my travels. I already knew that I had a ton of photos and scrolling through the folders made me slightly more aware of how much traveling I have really done since I arrived here. And believe it or not, I have even more planned!

Right now I am preparing to send two weeks with my friend Leanna traveling around the European continent. Two weeks of hostels, rucksacks, and train rides... I'm so glad that I already spent one full week traveling at the end of September so I have a rough idea of how to pace myself for this. It's still going to be a long and intense trip though. This trip will also take place over Christmas and New Years. Adding the holidays, and holiday travelers, into the mix will make this trip especially crazy. However if it's anything like my Prague and Madrid trip, it will be extremely tiring but also extremely rewarding and be over all too soon.

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