Thursday, March 19, 2009

One Full term and 100 days

Brighton Pier at the Seafront

Approximately 3 months ago I wrote another post titled "One full term and 100 days" in that post I reflected on the Autumn term and my first 100 days at Uni Sussex. At that point in time I was homesick and jealous of my friends who were going home for the holidays even though I had an epic adventure planned with my friend Leanna. I survived my epic adventure and went back to Michigan for a week before coming back to Uni. Sussex for the spring term and I'm so glad that I came back. I really feel like I came into my own this term. I didn't go very many places but I was able to find a comfortable spot for myself here in Brighton. Now I have one full term and 100 days remaining in my study abroad adventure and, while I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces again, I don't want to leave Brighton behind. I finished all of my work for the spring term today and went into Brighton to walk along the seafront and actually enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having this week. I think that was the first time I had been to the seafront in the daylight while it was nice outside. As a pebble beach it lacks some of the characteristics of sand vacation beaches but it still felt wonderful to be outside, in the sun, by the sea (or the English Channel in this case). Tomorrow I am leaving for a whirlwind tour of Italy. I wish I could take all of my 4-week break to explore the country but I'd also like to see my family again. Therefore I'll be visiting Rome, Florence, and Venice before jetting across the Atlantic (again) to accompany my family for my brothers' spring break. I'm also taking some of my winter clothes back to the USA signifying the official beginning of the end of my time at Uni. Sussex and my return to RPI and the United States.

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  1. and to think that just yesterday you were in second grade... reading this brought tears to my eyes! enjoy your upcoming travels (and remember to take lots of pictures -- phase II is rapidly approaching!)