Sunday, March 15, 2009

Red Noses, and Fish and Chips

In the midst of reviewing for my end-of-terms exams this weekend, I also received two lessons in English pop culture. Red Nose Day was Friday, March 13th and is a national fundraising day for charity. It is also called Comic Relief, because many of the larger fundraisers involve people doing something silly. As part of the festivities they sell collectible red noses with different faces on them. I decided to get one even though I didn't take part in any organized fundraisers. What do you think?

My second English culture lesson was my official introduction to fish and chips. It is regarded as almost sinful that I've been here over six months and am only just trying them. Jennie and I got fish and chips for dinner while we were studying. First impression; the portions were huge, and we only got smalls! My piece of fish was probably a foot long and was accompanied by a small mountain of chips (french fries). I am starting to develop a taste for fish but I didn't really need it for this meal because cod doesn't have much of a fishy taste and the breading masked any lingering fishiness. I would have preferred if my chips were a little crisper but they were hot so it was okay. After years of Beaudet/Pinto dinner training I was able to finish my allotment of greasy goodness but my tummy was was very full afterward. Overall impression; pretty tasty but probably gets more hype than it deserves.

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